secure power

By incorporating a self-generation program into your business, you can attain independence from the California grid.  The consequences of rolling brown-outs and all too common grid failures can become a non-issue for your organization.

fast roi


With substantial rebates, incentives, and tax benefits plus low operating costs and high efficiency factors, Capstone MicroTurbines provide you one of the fastest ROI for improving your budget.

     custom energy solutions

Working with verticles as wide spread as Natural Gas Flare managment to providing 5 Star Resort Hotels with clean,  secure power and heat sources for refrigeration, hot water, steam and heating their swimming pools; we have a solution for your business.  All while cutting your energy costs, reducing your carbon footprint, and being UP and running 99.2% while using the grid for your back-up!  


Call us and see how we can help green up your bottom line.

our clean "CHP" energy solutions can

   add a little green to your bottom line.

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